The Cyrus Kingsbury Wood Family, 1904 at Cyrus's farm, Athol, Mass. Front row: Clinton Allen Wood, Helen Frances Wood (dau. of Willis & Imogene Wood, Marion Washburn Wood (dau. of Henry & Elizabeth). Middle row: Josephine Annie Dow Wood (wife of Clinton) holding dau. Dorothy Elizabeth Wood, Bertram Cogswell Wood (son of Henry & Elizabeth), Angie Fletcher Wood (dau. of Sarah & Cyrus). Standing: Carrie Barnum Wood (dau. of Cyrus & Sarah), Sarah Fidelia Fletcher (4th wife of Cyrus Wood), Willis Howard Wood (son of Cyrus & 2nd wife Carloine Washburn Wood ), Cyrus Kingsbury Wood, Henry Washburn Wood (son of Cyrus & Caroline), Mary Elizabeth Cogswell Wood (wife of Henry), Imogene Ford Wood (wife of Willis).

Into the Woods!

I have been researching my, and my wife's ancestry for more than 40 years. What you see here is the result of all that research. There is conjecture, where I couldn't prove a specific ancestry. There are caveats where a specific ancestry is only possible. There are no doubt errors of commission and omission, but I believe what is presented here to be generally accurate. Any errors are my own.

Above, on the left, you will see a list of ten people. They are direct links to my, and my wife's, immediate ancestors -- parents and grandparents. Click on any one and you will be taken to that person's page. From there you can go to that person's pedigree, etc.

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Why the Name Vidus Project?

My wife and I come from predominately British Isles stock. Our ancestors came from these isles going back to the Celts and the Saxons. Hence, I chose a name for this site that reflects that heritage. The word wood probably had its origin in the Proto-Celtic widus, or its variant vidus, meaning tree. The word may well have continued in use during the Roman occupation of Britain from the 1st century BC, although the Latin-derived forest was no doubt in use at the same time. Once the Roman Empire fell to the barbarian invasions after 476 AD, and the Romaized Britons fell to the Saxons, wood evolved from the Celtic vidus to widu or wudu, of Saxon-derived Old English. There is a strong connection between these forms of Wood and Woden or Wodin, the Saxon and Norse god of the heavens, to whom groves of oak trees were sacred. The surname Wood probably came from a person who dwelt in a forest.

The First Settlers in America

The first Wood to settle in America was William Wood, who came to these shores and settled in Concord, MA, in 1638. The first Dow to settle in America was Henry Dow, who settled in Hampton, NH, in 1664. The first Spaulding to settle in America was Edward Spaulding, who came to Braintree, MA, in 1639. The first Jenks to settle in America was Joseph Jenks, who migrated to Maine, circa 1641, and settled in Lynn, MA, by 1645.

The first Nugent that we know of was Thomas Francis Nugent, who was reportedly an orphan, born circa 1876 of Irish immigrant parents in the Boston, MA area. The first Smith was one Christopher Smith, who came to Newport, RI, in perhaps the 1640s. The first Gray was probably young James Gray, a Scot who was captured by Cromwell's English troops after the battle of Dunbar, Scotland, in 1650, and sent to the area of York, Maine, to work as forced labor at the local lumber mills. The first Perry was William Perry, who perhaps came from England in 1636 and settled in Watertown, MA.

As I noted earlier, I am descended from solid English stock. My wife is also descended from the English, but she has very substantial Scottish roots via the Grays, and the Smiths.